National Competition

Each year, Enactus Ireland students come together to present projects they have pioneered over the last 12 months. Each competition is an exciting opportunity for the students to demonstrate how they have harnessed business principles alongside social action in a bid to help change the world! National Competitions are dramatic, energy-filled events where Enactus students present how their community outreach projects and business ventures are enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. Through rounds of live presentations, business leaders serving as judges determine which Enactus team will be named National Champions and represent Ireland on the global stage at the Enactus World Cup.

Enactus Ireland National Competition 2017


The Enactus Ireland National Competition 2017 took place on Wednesday, May 31st in the Chartered Accountants' House in Dublin. This showcase saw teams of students from Cork Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Maynooth University, NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin and University of Limerick present their social entrepreneurial projects.

Not only did the event feature competition, there was also a  special technology session that explored how technology can save the world, led by Bob Coggins, Managing Director of Havas, a faculty adviser forum and a networking dinner. This competition also encourages results and rewards excellence in entrepreneurial, community leadership.


Enactus Ireland National Champions 2017


Dublin City University are the 2017 National Champions and will represent Ireland at the Enactus World Cup in London in September!

Enactus World Cup

The National Champion teams from around the world meet at the Enactus World Cup where they present the results of their community outreach projects to a prestigious group of international business leaders. Teams are evaluated on how successful they have been at using business concepts to empower individuals through a 17 minute presentation. The Enactus World Cup is a showcase of the impact that Enactus teams are achieving around the world and brings together an international network of student, academic and business leaders.

Enactus World Cup 2017


The 2017 Enactus World Cup will take place in London, England. On September 26-28th, a select group of 3,500 student, academic and business leaders from around the globe will gather in Toronto for this special event that includes three unforgettable days of collaboration, competition and celebration.

In addition to the competition, event participants have the opportunity to challenge the status-quo of thought leaders as they engage in an interactive dialog with global action leaders. Through a series of forums, networking activities and breakout sessions, attendees are able to experience the energy created when world business leaders intersect with student innovators, and how together they are able to motivate personal change and drive new ideas. And throughout it all, Enactus World Cup celebrates the diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.

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